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Welcome to the intuitive world!

Health and well-being is the harmony of body, mind and spirit. We can guide ourselves towards balance, integrity and health with our own thoughts and actions. Opening up spiritual potential and awareness brings depth to life, increases self-knowledge and understanding.

Kääkkis! osoite ei ole toiminut. Mikäli olet lähettänyt viestiä ja vastausta ei ole kuulunut, laitatko uudelleen

Strengthening intuition and developing energy reading skills is possible, e.g. with the help of energy treatments and courses and constantly using skills. Meditation is a great way to strengthen your connection to yourself and hear the voice of your own intuition. Energy therapy balances and strengthens. Every energy treatment is done by channeling energy and messages.

Valonpisara's services include energy therapy, spoken and written channeling, guided meditations and courses that enable the opening of spiritual abilities. The course you choose can be a group course, private session or a combination of these.


Intuition can be consciously present in your life. Through intuition, you draw on what you've experienced and learned - even things you don't actively remember. Intuition uses both conscious and unconscious information. Intuition can be developed consciously and thus open up to a wider amount of information. Knowing yourself is the key to using intuition. It's worth diving into yourself, sometimes deep!

Each energy treatment event is unique. Man's own being is inherently able to strike a balance. Energy therapy supports this balancing act. Encounters always require everyone's own, individual contribution. Only oneself can allow one to change one’s own life, only oneself can bring about lasting change through one’s own thoughts and actions. The energy nurse transmits energy and verbal messages.

The treatment can be used for a wide variety of symptoms and ailments, such as relaxation and mental balance.

You can order a gift card for a specific service or use it freely for any Valonpisara service.

You can find more information in the online store .


My group can be a one-off or a longer entity. 

One time the theme can be meditation, relaxation, listening to oneself, strengthening intuition, hearing one's inner guidance in everyday life or conscious presence. Themes can be requested or I can suggest them.


With your own group, you can carry out longer trainings, for example energy transmission, energy reading or a complete energy work training. 

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